This site has been set up by Nico van Dijk - a fan and collector of ENICAR watches - without any assistance of ENICAR S.A., its legal representatives nor members of the Racine family. However - it would have been impossible to create this site without the kind assistance of Dan Fock, undeniably the greatest expert on ENICAR watches, who provided Nico with pictures and technical data of very special and rare ENICAR watches and clocks. See for his OWC Watch Company here. The former ENICAR representative in the Netherlands, Mr. Jan Zengerink, has been a great help, too.

Nico has no relations - of whatever kind - with members of the Racine family, nor with the official factory ENICAR S.A., its legal owner or legal representatives, nor other manufacturers and/or dealers of watches or other timekeepers. All brandnames, trademarks and logo's are belonging to the respective legal owners or holders.

Nico van Dijk has worked as a free lance journalist, public relations officer and teacher for over 40 years. Since 1966 he is entranced by ENICAR wrist watches. He is wearing his first Sherpa ever since.